Maqueta de Papel 1500: Casona pequeña en verde - Small cottage in green

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miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

Maqueta de Papel 1500: Casona pequeña en verde - Small cottage in green

Small country house paper model with green windowsEsta maqueta es otra en la que utilizamos la textura en piedra y enfoscado blanco que caracteriza a esta serie de 4 casas de campo. Este modelo es el mismo diseño que el utilizado en el modelo 1498, la versión pequeña de casa, en la que en esta ocasión se ha cambiado la carpintería marrón de ventanas y puertas por madera en verde. 

La maqueta tiene dos plantas, es de líneas sencillas y con ventanas en fachada principal y posterior. 

Se configura en 2 piezas principales: el edificio y el tejado, ambas de fácil montaje. 

Usa este modelo en maquetas de trenes, de juegos o guerra, para ambientes rurales o de pequeñas ciudades. 

This paper model is available in brown (1498) or green (1500) windows

Versión en inglésThis paper model is the another one to use the texture of stone and white plaster featuring this series of 4 cottages. It has the same design that was used in the 1498 model, the smaller version of the house, in which this time has changed the brown carpentry wood windows and doors in green. 

Ventanas verdes para esta casona de campo
It is a house with two floors, with simple lines and windows on main and rear facade. 

The model is set to 2 main pieces: the building and the roof, both easy to assemble. 

Use this paper model in model train or war games layouts, for countryside or small town environments.

Hay 6 escalas disponibles para este modelo: 
1/56, 1/72, H0 1/87, 1/100 (15mm), 
N 1/160 y Z 1/220. 

The paper model is available in 6 different scales
1/56, 1/72, H0 1/87, 1/100 (15mm), 
N 1/160 y Z 1/220. 

Todas están en 1 SÓLO FICHERO que puedes 

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2 comentarios:

  1. Hello,
    very nice models why no 1/43 scale? scale very much in use in cars models, anyway I will carry on building those gems and will post pictures to show you the results sometimes next year. Cheers and many thanks once more

  2. Hello,
    Sorry for the late reply, we are quite busy these days.
    1/43 scale was one of those we intended to do from the very beginning. Unfortunately we found two problems:
    a) all buildings took an excessively large number of pages to be printed, that is, it is a large scale and we thought it would have little success among our followers.
    b) as you say, this scale is cars models, slot set ups, etc. We think that most part of our models will be fitting the expectations of those users, as they might better like to have gas stations, car deal buildings, etc rather than farms, country houses, our those buildings we build aiming to fit in wargame or model train lay outs.
    Maybe we're wrong, please let us know your view, we can consider including this scale in future models. Perhaps our main issue to do it is that we don't have pictures of that kind of buildings you maybe looking for. Be certain that we would if we had goog pictures we would have already included this. We are always happy to receive any kind of pictures of buildings that could be developed as paper models, meeting the necessary requirements such as: good quality/resolution of the photos, easy to build constructions and open sourced photos or pictures with no limited rights for users to share. There are good pictures in internet which cannot be used due to legal limitations. So the safest way to have them used to become paper models is that the pictures you send us are made by yourselves. In return, we would be freely developing the models in the scale you request, considering that these models would, as well, be published in our blog.
    Lastly, please bear in mind that we are actually doing more than we can to provide you with all these free paper models.
    We would be very happy to receive any of the models you build, no matter if you use our designs or not. Please let us know if you have any blog for those, or for wargames, car models, etc.
    We look forward to hearing from you very soon.
    Very kind regards from Edificios de Papel.


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